Become a [YU?] Volunteer:  

As a volunteer, you’ll have an opportunity to aid students and young professionals across the nation in meeting their academic and career goals.  

You will have the opportunity to provide instruction, guidance, mentoring, and/or a host of other developmental offerings for the next generation of great American leaders.     

 By joining the [YU?] team, you’re becoming a part of our nation’s needed solutions.

Sign Up as a Volunteer. Need to know more?  Contact us!

[YU?] Volunteer Process: 

    1. Whether you are a new volunteer or if you’re a returning volunteer, begin the application process below. You will be directed to select one of the following roles/positions: 
      • Mentor (including mentoring team),
      • Instructors/Tutors,
      • Administrative Roles (including BOD, officers and committee members),
      • Volunteer-at-Large (available for any volunteer role/position)
    2. Interview Process
      • Next, you will complete an 15-minute interview with the [YU?] committee.
    3. Background Check
      • Because you’ll be working directly with youth/young professionals, this step is required. This will take a few days to process. 
    4. Initiate Monthly Volunteer Financial Contribution (VFC) of $25.00 (Optional)
      • Initiate monthly VFC of at least $25 donation. This is not required, however, VFC supports the general day-to-day operations, research and program development our organization relies upon. We are currently a fully volunteer based organization with limited funding opportunities.
      • We absolutely value your time and resources; however, we would like for all our volunteers to model the extraordinary behavior of [YU?] Founders who give extensive time, resources and substantial financial support to [YU?] programming yearly. The founders believe in physically, mentally and financially  investing in changing the lives of students and young professionals in our communities.
    5. Webinar Orientation
      • This orientation will provide you with a brief overview of our organization, mission and the tools you will be using as a volunteer. 


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