[YU?]  Orientation is a 45 minute webinar (i.e. online or via telephone) where students/mentees and young professionals are provided with important information regarding their involvement in [YU?]. During orientations the following information could be discussed: (1) policies, procedures/processes & requirements, (2) student expectations, (3) technology enhancements, (4) new resources or opportunities, (5) new team members, students and/or young professionals, (6) organizational enhancements and etc. Orientation is vital to your success in [YU?]. Please DO NOT skip this event.

All students/mentees and young professionals are REQUIRED to attend orientation. Students NOT present at orientation will no longer be allowed to benefit from involvement in [YU?]. Failure to attend will will result in immediate “inactive status” and you will have to reapply for admission into [YU?].

[YU?] Students please check your email for registration link.